The majority of the time, we draw things such as the sofa or the chair however we’ve decided to draw something that makes it impossible to envision a single home floor – the floor. Let’s begin the step-by-step guide on drawing the floor.

Step 1

Today, we’ll draw a traditional wooden floor. To draw this floor it is necessary to draw straight lines that are long The distance between these lines will increase as we approach. To enhance your drawing skills, you can practice drawing these lines without a ruler.



Step 2

Let’s create our lines to look seem like wooden boards. Small lines can draw long lines on the floor as in the illustration below. Make sure you convey the dimensions of the boards as well as the perspective in order to make the look more authentic and full.


Step 3

Let’s draw a wood-like texture over our flooring. This can be done by using lines that are uneven and smooth. Try to create lines that are more varied. Try not to create lines that are too dark.


This very simple drawing tutorial was about drawing a wooden floor. It is possible to draw boards with or without. It is also possible to diversify your drawing by altering the patterns of the floor. If you’ve learned to draw a floor you could draw things such as tables and the shape of a chair on your floor.

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