how to draw a fist

In the previous tutorials, our team from taught you how to draw hands and hands, and today we’ll teach you how to draw a fist. what to draw the fist. It’s simple instructions and the team at believes that any artist is capable of drawing the first.


Step 1

First of all, we’ll draw the pentagon we illustrated in the instructions regarding hands. Don’t try to create lines that are too dark. They should be extremely soft and loose.




Step 2

Then, using only a few lines, draw the fingers. Take note of where the fingers appear in the illustration by the artists from




Step 3

Imagine an imaginary thumb that is covered by the index finger as well as part of the middle finger. The finger that covers the middle finger should be the thickest. Therefore, the fundamental contours are drawn Beginning with the fourth stage, we’ll begin to work in greater depth on the drawing of the first finger.




Step 4

Below, you can see the folds made from the thumb and the little finger. The inside of the palm show another fold. For the fingertips, draw the folding the same way as the artists from did. On the other hand, you can draw the thumbnail.




Step 5

Then, using smooth lines, draw the knuckles from the top and side surfaces where the hand is held. Try to replicate as accurately as you can all the folds exactly as the artists from did.




Step 6

Let’s get to the final details now. Finish the fingers and draw the surfaces illustrated in the image below.




Step 7

Make use of an eraser to wash off any guidelines left from the first sketch. To make the drawing elegant and clear, trace it using dark pencils or ink.




Step 8

Let’s draw the first. You can paint the colors for skin provided by the artists from or design your own color scheme.




As mentioned earlier the instructions on drawing the fist were easy. The team at is waiting for your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below the following words.

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