How to Draw A Fish Bowl Step by Step -

How to Draw A Fish Bowl Step by Step

How to Draw A Fish Bowl Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to Draw A Largemouth Bass || Fish drawing Step by Step

Step 1

To make a fish tank, first draw a circle. You can draw the rim of this circle using a compass, or any large cap.

Step 2

Continue your work and draw an oval at the top for the opening.

Step 3

Take out excess sugar to make it look like a bowl of fish.

Step 4

Before you start, mark the opening of the bowl. Your children are doing great work.

Step 5:

To make your drawing more attractive and beautiful, you should polish it.

Step 6

This step is easy to follow. Simply draw a circle within the jar. The compass can be used instead. To correct your compass position, seek the guidance of an elder.

Step 7

At the top, draw a line that intersects. This circle is the water-like appearance of the jar.

Step 8

This is a very interesting step, children. The junction should be removed from the upper portion. See pictures for better understanding.

Step 9

Keep drawing, but make your border more fluid and clear. Bravo!

Step 10

You will need to place a small oval at its bottom in this step on how to draw a fish bowl. Make sure to tweak your piece to give it a more appealing appearance.

Step 11

To make the fish recognize the seawater, place some pebbles at the bottom.

Step 12

This step is the beginning of creating fish. In the jar, draw ovals and circles. You may need to take your time with this step as they will be inside the bowl. Let’s move on children.

Step 13

These shapes can be made more lifelike by adding fins and eyes. They are now looking for real fish. Remember to draw the shapes from a distance so it looks like fish swimming in bowls.

Step 14

Add the fins to complete the fish structure. Your work is wonderful. It is possible to draw fish. The fish in the bowl are small.

Step 15

To enhance the beauty of the fish drawing, first draw bubbles (very small circles) to the left and right. Next, add the lower fins.
Third, draw a small plane near the pebbles.



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