A lot of our readers have requested that we draw as many items as we can for the home interior. Therefore, we sketched the following: a table as well as an armchair, chairs as well as chairs. Then we thought of drawing an extremely cozy object that is always a pleasure to sit and contemplate the idea of the possibility. Therefore, let us take a look at drawing the fireplace.

Step 1
Let’s first sketch out this slightly altered square. Make sure to draw the lines straightest.

Step 2
Make the upper beam as well as two columns with flats by drawing straight lines.

Step 3
On the top, you will see a cornice. inside we make an opening through which the fire will be able to burn.

Step 4
To ensure that the drawing doesn’t appear as flat, you draw more strips as we did in our example to make the fireplace design more real.

Step 5
It is a fairly easy process where we’ll need to include design elements like squares on the top and vertical lines for columns (flutes).

Step 6
This lesson will teach you to draw the fireplace by drawing tongues of fire within the fireplace, and then adding shadows.

We don’t ignore the custom of sharing how to draw at the conclusion of our drawing classes. The tongues of flame have to be drawn using the lightest, most curled, and most broken lines. Alongside the flame, tongues Don’t overlook drawing logs in the fireplace.

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