How To Draw A Firefly

It’s always an enjoyable thing to enjoy an evening of peace and quiet and it can be enhanced by seeing a lot of bright fireflies throughout the night.

They are awe-inspiring insects that manage to distinguish themselves from the rest of the insect world by using their unique method of glowing in the form of Christmas lights.

While it’s great to experience them in person drawing them, the process of learning how to draw fireflies can be equally rewarding!

How To Draw A Firefly Step-By-Step

1st Step:

We’ll draw an image of the insect in a closer perspective while we write this instructional guide for drawing the firefly. In this regard it is suggested to begin at the head, and then the the thorax (or the middle part) in the bug.

2nd Step:

In the next step of your drawing of a firefly we’ll be adding six legs of the insect. The view we have on this firefly seeing from below, and the legs should begin in the middle of the that the insect is residing in.

3rd Step:

The insects require wings to move around and shine in the sky, so we’ll be adding wings and the thorax during this step of our tutorial on drawing the firefly.

4th Step:

The wings were drawn in the earlier stage of drawing your firefly However, these insects are more than just two!

5th Step:

Now it’s time to complete the final details prior to moving into the last section in this tutorial on drawing the firefly.

6th Step:

To make sure that you have completed your firefly design We will then colour it in.

In the example we chose to use a few browns for the majority of the body, however when we get closer to the thorax, we started to change the browns into more vibrant yellows.

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