Another race from this universe Warhammer 40 000 appeared on our website. As you can see, we speak of Tau. Tau is among the top, advanced as well as technologically advanced races. We will now show what it takes to draw a Fire Warrior from the Tau race.

Step 1
The Tau are a humanoid species, however, they do have hoofed feet as well as four-digit hands. This step is to draw the typical male stickman with no feet or hands. We first need to sketch the body of our Tau warrior. Use a pencil with the aid of transparent and light lines, and draw the head with an oval. Then outline the neck that runs into the spine. Next, sketch out the pelvis and thorax. In the final step, draw the legs and arms, then move on to another step.

Step 2
The first step is sketching the facial characteristics. It is important to first trace the lines of symmetry of the face. Like always, you should draw a vertical line to mark the center of the face, and a horizontal line to define the eyes. Create the body contours your body which taper a bit into the waist. Following that, we will move on to the contours of the limbs. Begin by sketching out the deltoids as a series of circles. Draw the arms using the aid of ordinary geometric shapes. Then sketch the hands. Sketch out the groin as well as legs using geometric shapes that are simple.

Step 3
In this drawing guide, we draw a character dressed in armor from the head to the boot The armor is drawn in this stage. Beginning with the head, draw the outline that the headdress will have. Then we go to the body, drawing out armor using normal light lines. Then, in the hands, we draw the gun in the manner we can see in our illustration.

Step 4
It’s time to sketch out the helmet in more detail. On the front side of the helmet, draw the shape of a rectangle. On three sides of the rectangle, draw a border. within this rectangle, there are two light sources.


Step 5
Let’s now move to the body that is Fire Warrior. Draw the neck gently. Then lower it to draw the armor plate that guards the Thorax region. Next, draw pieces of armor that guard the side of the body. Then, draw the belt using bags and a buckle. When you have completed the process, remove any unnecessary instructions from the body.

Step 6
Then we draw the specifics for the arm muscles. It is not necessarily drawing the joints as well as hand muscles since armor covers these areas in the body. We will draw the outline of huge shoulder pads and spikes and armor on the forearms. Of course, we must draw fists as well as the Fire Warrior’s gun.

Step 7
Moving on to the lower section of our body. In the same manner, as in the previous step, we draw legs with hoof-shaped legs. The lines should not be smooth. Make sure that you draw your armor at the front of your thigh, and then fold it over the fabric.

Step 8
This drawing guide on drawing an armed fireman is close to being finished We just have some additional shadows to make our drawing more realistic. The first step is to identify the source of light and then draw shadows on the lightest areas with the hatching of different intensities. A more dense hatching pattern is used for the dark areas, and less intense for areas that are less shaded.

It was a bit difficult to draw, but we did get the most amazing sketch from this Fire Warrior from the Tau race. If you are a fan of everything, then don’t forget to follow us on social media and also share this drawing lesson.


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