Hello, dear artists. We’re very into RPGs and fantasy. We frequently draw characters from books and games. We have drawn popular monsters such as Ogre, trolls,s, and dragons. In this drawing lesson, we will demonstrate the art of drawing an elemental fire.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the basic outline of our fire fundamentals. First, sketch out the head in the shape of circles. Then, draw a torso that stretches into the tapering tail. The torso appears like a drop.

Step 2
Utilizing large ovals and large circles, we can sketch out all the arms that make up our essentials. The principal contours are drawn. From the next step, we’ll begin working on the specifics.

Step 3
Then, draw eyes that are small and ugly. Then, draw nostrils in the shape of dots, and an edgy mouth.

Step 4
With the aid of long and tear-stained lines, you can draw out the flames that are engulfing your head. fire-breathing essential.

Step 5
Now, you can draw out the big pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles, as we did in our case.

Step 6
Draw powerful and large arms. We erase any unnecessary guidelines and draw to put out any flames.

It was a very simple drawing lesson that demonstrated ways to draw an elemental fire. The character is available in many role-playing games. Do you like fantasy? If yes, which characters would you like to be featured on our site? Let us know in the comments beneath this article.

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