How to Draw a Fir Tree Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions are below.

Step 1: Begin drawing roots. Draw a few diagonal lines in the form of a series.

Step 2: Then Draw the stem. The stem isn’t too large as leaves cover the majority of the stem. Draw a medium-sized face with straight lines that go up from the opposite side of the roots.

Step 3: Last but not least trace the branches on your tree. Find out the height you would like your tree to grow and begin from there. Draw a small upside-down “V” at the top of the tree you would like to plant. Start on the right-hand edge of your “V” and draw a small curving line that extends outward, then a zigzag back toward the tree. Continue to draw an inclined line. Make the curves longer as you progress through the trees. Stop at the point that the bottom of the leaf is facing up to the highest point of your stem. Then, create a final curving line with a zigzag top that is less than your previous leaf. It should be connected to the tree. Repeat the steps on the left. Draw several zigzag lines around the plant’s outline to help the leaves appear more prominent.

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