How to draw a Ferrari

This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a Ferrari, one of the most iconic supercars on the globe.

Most cars are drawn almost in the same way, as you likely know. This is because almost all cars have the same structure.

If you know how to draw a Ferrari you will be able to draw any other car with slight modifications.


How to draw a Ferrari

Step 1

Sketch the outline of your Ferrari body and begin drawing it. Your Ferrari drawing should look something like a flat box in the first step.




Step 2

Let’s now make this flat box look like a Ferrari drawing. Sketch the wheels using very smooth lines. These should be simple ovals.




Step 3

Let’s now draw details. Sketch out the windows at the top. Next, draw the details of your bumper using simple lines.




Step 4

Three lines are enough to draw the door. Next, draw a small rearview mirror on the door’s front and a large spoiler on the back.




Step 5

With a few lines, mark the wheel arches. Next, draw the details for the Ferrari’s front bumper on the body.




Step 6

Let’s make Ferrari wheels even more impressive. Sketch the rims first. Next, add volume to your wheels by using a few simple lines.




Step 7

Let’s now add details to the Ferrari drawing. Draw L-shaped headlights at the front. Then, add thickening to the front window frame as well as the rearview mirror. The cap should be attached to the gas tank.




Step 8

Draw the rims. First, draw the center circle, then draw the spokes that are angled from the edges to the corners.




Step 9

Let’s give our Ferrari drawing a more polished look. Use an eraser to erase all the unnecessary lines that were drawn in the initial steps.




Step 10

We chose to use red for the body and gray for the headlights, windows, and rims. Black was used for the spoiler and lower part of the bumper.




Now that the Ferrari drawing has been completed, it’s time for you to think about how to make it more attractive and beautiful.

First, try drawing characters in the car. Next, you can draw details about the surroundings. This will make your drawing lively and more interesting.

Next, use the knowledge gained from this drawing lesson in order to draw another Ferrari model or a supercar or sports car from a different company.


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