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We have noticed that many of our readers discover us through stories about cars, specifically supercars and sportscars such as Ferrari or Lamborghini. The team of editors and artists has often described how to draw supercars from various viewpoints, however, we recognize that different models from the same manufacturer may be quite different from one another and that is why we have distinct lessons that focus on particular models. In this article, we’ll examine the drawing process for the Ferrari Enzo – one of the most iconic models of the company.


Step 1

The initial stages of sketching the Ferrari Enzo will consist of preparations that will allow you to avoid making mistakes during the subsequent development of this extraordinary car. In the first step, we draw an unusual layout by using several extremely smooth and light lines.


Step 2

Utilizing the super light lines that are the same, they can be used to create the most important specifics. Start by creating long headlights with distinctive features and no less distinctive windows. Then, outline the one doors and tires. Be careful not to go overboard with the dark lines drawn in the first step.

Step 3

We are continuing to add essential and unavoidable elements that are a part of this Ferrari Enzo drawing. Also, look at the front of the supercar by drawing out unique air intakes. Then, create the wheel arches. Finally, make the wheels more volumetric, and draw the wheels. Make sure to include the mirrors as well as the air intake to the side.

Step 4

Beginning with the fourth stage, we’ll look at the last specifics in the Ferrari Enzo sketch. The process begins with a traditional approach starting from the front, meticulously drawing the headlights with a long elongated shape and famous air intakes. Then, using an eraser, take away all guidelines that are not needed off the surface that you had been working on.

Step 5

The fifth phase of the instructions on drawing a Ferrari Enzo will be easy, even basic. With clear and dark lines trace the roof’s rounded edges and draw the windows. Make sure to include the fuel hole in a circular shape and take away any unnecessary guidelines from the surface of the work.

Step 6

This step is a bit more difficult, however, we’re sure you won’t have any issues. Take care to trace the door carefully and the rest of the details are visible in the image in the following description. Make the reverse of the Ferrari and then erase any unnecessary lines of the body.

Step 7

This section of the instructional guide on drawing a Ferrari Enzo will be truly difficult. Make sure that you trace the tires so that they are clear soft and black. Then draw the rims in the same way as the artists from 3dvkarts.net did. The first step is to mark all spokes using light lines, then trace them using the method shown in our illustration.

Step 8

With cross lines, create an outline of a grille. Then, using only a few strokes of light drawing glares onto the body and windows. Then, draw shadows with thick unduly patterned hatching. Don’t forget to include the shadow cast by the shadow of a Ferrari to ensure that the car appears to not be floating into the sky.

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