In the world, there are numerous cool automobiles, but Ferrari is a standout. It is a car that, like Lamborghini has been the desire of many for decades. In our previous lessons, we explained ways to draw a stunning sports car. However, that instruction was too difficult and today we’ll teach the drawing process of the design of a Ferrari easily.

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is draw the outline for the Ferrari body. Make sure to draw light and smooth lines, like in the image below. Remember to be careful not to press the pencil too much.


Step 2

Make some additional details for the exterior of your Ferrari. In front, draw the headlights and the bumper. At the same time, we draw out how the car’s wheels will look. This step must also be drawn with gentle lines.


Step 3

Sketch out the contours of the narrow windows and rear-view mirrors. Then sketch the outline of the arches. Make the wheels bigger. In step four, we’ll use darker lines.


Step 4

Let’s draw out the Ferrari by using more dark lines. This is why we outline the headlights, bumper, hood, and radiator grill. Remove any unnecessary lines from the front of our supercar.


Step 5

As we draw, we continue to outline the Lamborghini. Following along the lines on the front hood delicately trace the flat roof, which flows effortlessly into the rear. The next step is to draw the small Ferrari windows.


Step 6

This course will be difficult as we’ll draw the side of Ferrari. Draw out the door carefully as well as the handle that is on the door, as well as the intake for air.


Step 7

We must be extremely alert. By using smooth lines and dark ones, draw out the wheels as well as the lines of arches for the wheels. Eliminate any irrelevant lines from the Ferrari sketch.


Step 8

To draw the rims in a correct manner to draw them correctly, begin by drawing the central portion of the rims. Then, we draw the spokes that split from the center toward the edge of the rims on our Ferrari.


As we mentioned earlier, we love drawing amazing sports cars and supercars and strive to create them as most realistic. However, many of our readers request an easier way of drawing particular cars, and that’s why today we taught you the steps to drawing an easy Ferrari simple. If this tutorial appeared too easy for you, you can check out other lessons on Ferrari or other famous cars in this class “Cars” on

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