Dear readers and admirers of cool automobiles. In our previous drawing lessons, we’ve demonstrated to our readers the drawing process of an image of a Ferrari. It was extremely helpful, and lots of you requested us to create a second tutorial on Ferrari. The drawing tutorial will teach you on drawing the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Step 1
To create a realistic Ferrari drawing, we must sketch the main lines. Grab a pencil and, using light lines, draw the outline that defines the shape of our Ferrari sports car.

Step 2
In the front, draw on the front headlights. On the sides of the car’s body, we can Ferrari trace the back view mirrors. On the lower portion draw the wheel arches and wheels.

Step 3
The basic outlines for the Ferrari are drawn. We always begin by drawing first the exterior of the vehicle and sketching out the radiator grille using the distinctive mustache.

Step 4
A little higher, and pull the hood out. The lines of the hood must be extremely smooth and slightly bent. Then draw the headlights which contrast with those of the hood and should be extremely straight and angular.

Step 5
Let’s get towards the top of our Ferrari. We will draw the roof. Be aware that the lines of the roof and windows should be smooth. In the same manner that we draw the mirrors.

Step 6
Make a slight lower step to draw out the sides of the automobile. This is where we have to draw the handle, door, and decorative lines along the sides of the Ferrari. Make sure to erase all guides of the body of the car.

Step 7
This is likely to be one of the most difficult aspects of this tutorial since we must sketch out the arches and wheels. The difficulty is in the requirement that the wheels be as round as is possible as possible, with no wrong or crooked lines.

Step 8
Then we will continue the drawing tutorial on drawing the Ferrari 458 Italia. In this stage, we sketched the wheels. Different cars come with different rims. It is possible to draw rims like our example or pick your individual design of wheels.

Step 9
Ferrari 458 Italia drawing is close to being completed. There is only one thing left to do: create shadows on our drawing. Include shadows in the less illuminated regions of our drawing with hatching.

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