This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a female facial expression. We’ll show you all the details of drawing a female facial expression.

We have repeatedly stated in previous articles that all human faces are drawn roughly the same. The details are what make the difference.

It is the details that make a person’s face, and these features are what distinguish certain people from others. Nature has created distinct characteristics for male and female faces. We will be discussing these nuances and characteristics in this tutorial on female face drawing.

Let’s now get to the drawing tutorial for a female face.

Step 1

To draw a female head, and not be misunderstood in the proportions you will first need to outline the basic shapes. The human head is actually an inverted egg. This geometric shape can be drawn using only barely visible lines.

You can check the proportionality by looking at the drawing in the mirror. All errors will be visible in the mirror reflection of your female facial drawing.


Step 2

Draw a straight line that runs through the middle of the face. This will allow us to keep the proportions correct. Draw a horizontal line to represent the eyes.


This line marks the boundaries of the eyes. Their width should be approximately equal to their distance. Draw the line for the nose in the middle of the distance between the lines of the eyes, the chin, and the forehead. Just below, draw the line for the mouth.


Step 3

Let’s now draw the female face. Begin with the eyes. Follow the above guidelines to draw them. Be sure to draw the lacrimal candles when drawing the eyes. This will make your female face drawing more realistic and persuasive.


Step 4

Draw the inner lines of your lower eyelids. Remember that eyelids are thick. By showing this thickness in your drawing you can give it a natural look. Draw folds just above your eyes. These are the visible contours of the sockets where the eyes are located.


Step 5

Next, draw the pupils of the eyes. Begin by drawing the outline of the iris. The upper irises’ upper portions should be covered slightly by the upper eyelids. Next, place the pupils in the middle of the iris. Both the pupils and the irises must be perfectly round.


Step 6

Use dark lines to draw the upper lashes. Do not draw the lower lashes. They are too light and small, and almost invisible on the face. Just above your eyes, draw eyebrows. It is a tradition that artists draw female faces so that the eyebrows are higher and the eyelashes are thicker than when drawing a male face.


Step 7

Now draw the nose, following the lines you have drawn earlier. Begin at the tip of your nose and work your way up to the bridge and wings. A male nose will be slightly larger than a female’s, which is another difference when drawing a female’s face.


Step 8

The lips. First, trace the center line of your mouth using the guideline that you have drawn earlier. Next, draw the contours of the upper and lower lips using smooth lines. A male and female face will have a different look because the female lips are often drawn plumper than the males.


Step 9

With smooth lines, draw the ears. The eyebrows are flush with your ears’ tips, while the tips at the bottom of your nose are flush with your eardrums. Next, draw the outline of the jaw. You can check that your drawing of a female facial expression is proportional by looking at it through a mirror and then moving away from it for a while.


Step 10

The outline of the hair should be drawn on the head. To create the texture of your hair, draw many long lines. Pay particular attention to your hairline. This area should have slightly more lines than the rest of your hair. The distance between the hairline and the bridge of your nose is equal to that distance from the bridge to the tip.


Step 11

You can now erase any unnecessary lines from your female face drawing. You can give your drawing a more vibrant look by making the details closer to you more contrastive than the ones further away. This will give the female faces drawing volume and realness.


Step 12

The visible part of your bun should be drawn behind the head. To create realistic hair texture, add more light lines in the direction that hair grows. You can also add details to the female face, such as earrings or moles.


Step 13

You can make the female face drawing look more vibrant and lively by using shadows. Start by drawing shadows in hatching. Next, move to lighter areas. Darken your pupils and leave round highlights. This will give your eyes a more lively appearance.


Try some drawing exercises to consolidate the knowledge you have gained from this tutorial on drawing female faces.

Try drawing a face that is similar to your own, but with different features. You can make the girl look younger or older. Draw interesting details on her face.

Next, draw a female face at a slightly different angle under slightly different lighting.

These actions will not only consolidate the knowledge you have gained from this tutorial on drawing female faces, but they will also allow you to draw other faces.


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