Today, we will show our readers how you can draw female faces step-by-step. Follow the steps in this drawing instruction and you’ll be able to get fantastic results. To improve your drawing abilities, you can also draw some characters with different facial characteristics.

Step 1

Begin by drawing an approximate outline of the face. on the face. It appears a little like an egg with a flattened top. It is rounded by the neck, which is made of two lines.


Step 2

This is why we continue the instruction on drawing an attractive female face step-by-step. It is possible to believe that this process is actually quite easy. However, the final outcome depends on the accuracy of the steps here. Therefore, you should mark your vertical lines (this is the hairline as well as that of the lips) and the edges of the eyes along the horizontal line.

Step 3

Add hair outlines. In this instance, they are the rounded lines of a stylish business haircut. You can create any design and shape of hair that you like according to your own imagination. Make sure to draw the lines of the eyebrows, eyes, and nose.

Step 4

Now let’s sketch the contours of the ear. The top of the ear is in line with the eyebrows, while the lower edge of the ear is in line with the nose’s bottom. Also, you can draw the curvature of the nose, as well as the tiny lines drawn on the lower and upper lips.

Step 5

Draw the final contours of the edges of your eyes. Make sure you read our article on how to draw the eye anatomy to know exactly what you’re drawing. After that, go through another guide on how to draw the eye for academic use.

Step 6

Draw the eyes and pupils. Be aware of how the location of the pupils reflects the mood and tone of the portrait in general.

Step 7

Make smooth, rounded lines to create an outline for the nostrils and nose. You can draw any design of the nose you like. A pointed, thin nose is a sure and perceptive gaze. Lines that are rounded make the drawing appear more feminine.

Step 8

Okay, we now have a sketch almost done. Draw the contours of your lips based on the sketch we made at the beginning of the lesson. Select any shape of the lips you like. Any alteration in the form of the lips in relation to the lines that define symmetry could significantly alter the facial expression.

Step 9

It is possible to skip this step If you’ve drawn an even and perfect line of the face. If you do notice bumps, fix the problem now. Take note of the smooth lower jaw angle that was absent in the earlier steps. Draw the auricle as well. Like before, specific anatomy of the ear for artists will assist you.

Step 10

Remove the lines that are extending from the hairline. Draw lines between the hair and the roots as we did in our example. Do not go into too much detail in case you’re planning to create a similar hairstyle. In reality, you are able to pick any hairstyle or none at all depending on your own imagination. Following this, you can eliminate any extra lines from the drawing.

Step 11

Apply thick hatching in the areas that aren’t within the contours of pupils and eyebrows. Light highlights that are small in the lower areas of the pupils can give your drawing more life. Add shadows that resemble single-layer hatching.

Step 12

That’s the final part of the instructional. At the end of the day, you will get something similar to this.

We hope this was a really helpful drawing guide. You can practice and draw many different characters with different looks using the basic principles from this tutorial. Do not forget to write in the comments about how useful it was for improving your artistic skill.


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