How to Draw a Female Body

We’ll continue our sequence of drawing fundamentals. Today, we have created a brand new tutorial on how to draw female figures.


Step 1

First, we sketch an approximate outline of our body. This is the drawing stickman during this step. The primary characteristics of this exercise are an enormous pelvis and an extremely narrow chest. The pelvis of a woman is typically narrower than her shoulders.




Step 2

In this phase, we’ll draw only sticks. As you might be aware, we made use of sticks to draw the outline of the female’s limbs. The arms of our character were created by sharp angles. The legs appear to be two lines that taper down.




Step 3

To complete the shape of the human body we have to connect the pelvis and chest with sleek lines. At the end of the day, we will have an appearance that is like an apple. In this stage, we will outline the most important facial characteristics.




Step 4

We sketch our basic shapes of legs and arms. This is done using balls and cylinders that are long and elongated. The arms of the woman in our image must not be too long or too embellished.




Step 5

One of the main structural traits of typical female figures is the wide hips. The legs should be tapering slightly downwards. In the area where the pelvis and hips join, you will notice lines that resemble the”M “M”.




Step 6

We can now begin to sketch out the facial characteristics of our main character. You can create any look as per your wishes and imagination. We decided to draw big eyes, a tiny nose, and pouting lips.




Step 7

We trace the contours of our ears. The upper part of the ear lies on the same level as the eyebrows. The lower portion of the ear is in line with the nose’s tip.




Step 8

We will now draw the curvatures of the hairstyles of our gorgeous girl. You can actually draw any hairstyle you like to preference. We decided to go with the typical hairstyle that appears like a clump of hair hanging from the hair’s back.




Step 9

In this stage, we will give the completed appearance for the figure of our model. Then, we add to the shape of her bra and draw out the contours of her navel.




Step 10

We sketch out the contours of our armor. Be careful not to bend too much to avoid making the character of our heroine seem too strong. In the vicinity of the elbow joints, there isn’t any noticeable extension.




Step 11

The majority of the time making hands isn’t an easy task. For us, it’s quite easy since we don’t need for drawing fingernails. We will outline the smaller curves that define the angle shapes, they represent the fists. Draw a tiny vertical line for each of the fists. The fists shouldn’t be too large.




Step 12

We will continue to learn about drawing female bodies. Draw legs again to draw the final outline. Draw a line on the underwear.




Step 13

This means that we’re almost done with the drawing tutorial. What we have to do is draw the contours of the tiny feet.




Step 14

It is always a good idea to keep one step open in order to assess the result and to identify any mistakes and errors. We will now take out the lines that were left over from the previous steps and then evaluate the results on our sheet of paper.




Step 15

Pick the right colors for this step according to your preference. Beware of complicated highlights and shadows. If you’ve avoided mistakes during the previous steps the drawing will look amazing with a simple color scheme.




This course was designed specifically to teach drawing an individual human figure. In actual fact, it’s essential to understand the basics of drawing before tackling more complex tasks.

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