How to Draw a Feather

Are you interested in learning what it takes to draw feathers? If you’re reading this article you are most likely to say yes you’re interested in knowing how to draw the feather. The steps below will demonstrate how easy it is. We highlighted the lines that are new for each step in red to make the process of learning to the greatest extent possible.


Step 1

Then, draw first the rachis (the central portion). The rachis, also known as an a-shaft, can be constructed from two lines that join at a specific place on one of the sides, and one line that connects these lines on the opposite side.




Step 2

Then, draw the edges as of an enormous oval. It is possible to give your feather any shape, such as this example. You can also you can make it more or less thick.




Step 3

Create a few lines in order to create a pattern. The drawn feather will be denser at the point, but less dense near the base. The barbs must be created with curved lines.




Step 4

Arm yourself with an eraser, and remove all the guidelines of the drawing with feathers. Then, draw further lines of barbs, as depicted in the illustration by the artists from If your feather sketch is similar to ours, then proceed to the final step, in which we color the feather.




Step 5

Let’s draw the feather right today. It could be of many colors since the most brilliant animals are birds which are the ones who own these feathers. It is possible to utilize any color but also any tool to paint the feather, be it color pencils felt-tip pens, felt-tip pencils, or paints.




Five easy steps to follow the process, and you now know how to draw feathers. This guide will be beneficial to anyone wanting to create an image of a still. It will appear elegant in the books, candles, or glasses. This knowledge can help you when you are planning to draw birds.

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