How to Draw A Farm Cow -

How to Draw A Farm Cow

How to Draw A Farm Cow

How to Draw A Farm Cow

Step 1:

Create an oblong-like shape for the head of the cow.

Step 2:

You can now draw out the eyes first, then color the pupils, then draw the nose. You can also add the mask around the eyes. Finally, give the cow smile.

Step 3:

Then, draw the ears and horns and then add some minor details.

Step 4:

Now, you’ll remove the body, before giving the animal four legs. Then, the hooves. Make sure to add some wrinkling to the legs.

Step 5:

Finally, give this farm cow a tail as well as hair tufts on the top to the tail. Include the markings on the body, and you’re finished.

Step 6:

After the drawing has been taken care of, you’ll have one that resembles the one in this picture.

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