The world of fantasy is vast and varied and you will meet a wide range of monsters, characters, along with other fictional characters. We’ve already developed numerous drawings of the characters we share in a category known as “Myths and Legends” on our website. Today, based on the numerous requests from our readers we have decided to draw an image that reflects a group of monsters as part of a course on drawing fantasy creatures.

Step 1
We’ll draw a creepy creature that is reminiscent of the human form. This is why, first, we’ll outline the structure of the monster’s skeleton. Sketch an oval shape for the head with an erect spine. Draw a further outline of the pelvis and chest. Draw out the legs and arms and then move on to the following step.

Step 2
We sketch two lines that intersect on the head. These lines assist in drawing the facial features. Then, draw the shape of the torso and limbs using simple lines and geometric forms. Then, draw a massive shoulder club.

Step 3
Beginning with this section, we’ll begin drawing out specifics. Utilizing dark and clean lines, draw eyes that are evil using strong eyebrow lines. Then create an eye-like shape and an open mouth with creepy teeth. In the final part of this stage, we’ll draw a number of wrinkles onto the face.

Step 4
In this part of the tutorial on drawing an imaginary monster, we will draw the head of the monster. Begin by drawing out the head that is bald and an ear that is large. Next, sketch out the contour of the cheekbones as well as the chin as we did in our example.

Step 5
The next step is to draw the particulars of the torso meticulously drawing the form of the muscles and the many lines of the clothes. We chose to draw a large piece of fabric rather than the normal clothes, but you could outfit your monster with armor or wear the form of a shirt.

Step 6
Let’s now look at the arm muscles of our fantasized monster. With straight and straight lines, sketch out the outline of the muscles as illustrated in our example. The first step is to draw the muscles of the deltoid followed by the triceps and biceps at the end, and finally, sketch out the outline of the muscles in the forearms and hands using long claws.

Step 7
In this next step, we’ll be required to draw a large spurred club sitting over the shoulder of the beast. To sketch the outline of the body part of the clubs, make use of long, wavy lines. Make sure you trace a texture onto the surface of the club as well as the long spikes.

Step 8
In this next step, we’ll draw your monster’s body. Utilizing dark and slightly curly lines, draw the outline of the muscles in the legs. From the top to the bottom by drawing muscle groups of the thigh, and finally the knee joints, and finally the muscles of the calf. After the exercise, we draw the lines of the feet that are big.

Step 9
Let’s create some shadows to give our creature more lifelike and large. We will do this using the technique of hatching. In the beginning, we will find out the source of the light drop. Next keeping this in mind we can create shadows with different intensities depending on the magnitude that the shadows cast. For shadows that are darker, apply dense shading, and for lighter shadows, light hatching.

We said that today we presented the collective image of an evil monster. There are similar monsters in numerous games in this genre, such as RPGs as well as books of fantasy. This monster can be described as an ogre or an orc.

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