One of the largest sections on 3dvkarts is the category “Myths and Legends” where we share drawing lessons for various mythological creatures and heroes. We draw certain creatures like the centaur or harpy. However, in this lesson on drawing the fantasy creature, we will draw the common image of a creature.

Step 1
The drawing depicts a creature that has the head of a horse as well as the human body. As a result, in total drawing the human skeleton with thin lines. If you want to know more about drawing the human body, check out the tutorial on drawing the human body.

Step 2
Then we sketch ears and an extended muzzle. Then, using basic geometric shapes, we outline the torso as well as the form of the muscles. In this and the previous step, we draw very thin lines.

Step 3
With clear and dark lines, carefully sketch out the lines of the eyes and the muzzles. Take out any unnecessary guidelines on the face. In order to know more about the head of a horse go to the lesson on drawing the head of a horse.

Step 4
Then carefully sketch out those long ears. Draw the outline of a strong and muscular neck and long hair around the neck and head.

Step 5
Let’s now look at the body of the creature and sketch out the outline of the pectoral muscle’s wide pectoral area as well as the abdominal muscles.

Step 6
Now, arms. Draw them with clear as well as dark lines, considering all the lines of muscles. In this illustration, we draw two arms. However, you can make your character more fascinating with four arms similar to the one in the instructional about Goro.

Step 7
Move down then draw an elongated loincloth like in our illustration. Then, draw strong legs and each muscle line along the legs. Note it is that, instead of footprints, we draw the hooves of horses.

Step 8
Let’s make our fabled creature more real by adding shadows that are drawn with the hatching of different intensities. To create shadows that are darker you can add an additional layer of the hatching.

We have said that today, we sketched the representation of a mythical creature. Utilizing the ideas from the course, you could draw something different than what we’ve shown in our illustration.

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