How to Draw A Family

Family can mean different things for individuals. It could refer to the people group the person is born to, or people may be members of a different group which feels like family to them.

No matter what form family takes typically, it represents an intimate group of people who are united by affection. It’s also a lot of fun to discover how to draw families!

This guide will demonstrate how you can do that at the same time, and at the end of the guide, you’ll be able to modify it to reflect your own family If you’d like!

We hope you have plenty of fun while making this step-by-step tutorial for drawing the family!

How to Draw A Family Step-By-Step

1st Step:

In this article for drawing a family, we’ll draw a common family. It will comprise of three people: a father, son, and mother.

We mentioned this in the introduction, you’ll be able to modify the drawing to make it look more like your family, or perhaps someone you know.

At this point, you’ll draw the son who will be sitting on the shoulders of his father. He’ll wear a cap and a shirt. These components, along with his face will become the main thing we will be focusing on in this section.

2nd Step:

The next step in your drawing of the family will have you adding the face as well as arms for the child. The face of the boy will be drawn using basic lines. His arms will stretch straight outwards.

We’ll also start to trace his father’s hands and the child will begin gripping the hands.

3rd Step:

We will concentrate specifically on fathers for a while in this part of our tutorial on drawing the family. It is possible to draw his head on top of his son. Then you’ll draw the legs of his son to his neck.

In addition, the father’s arms can also be extended straight upwards in order to join the arms of his son.

It could sound difficult, but having the reference image can make drawing much simpler when drawing!

4th Step:

In the next section of drawing your family members we’ll be adding more details to the son as well as the father. You can start by finishing with the legs of your son in a sketch of the feet inside his shoes.

You can then extend straight lines and draw the rest of your father’s shirt.

5th Step:

We’ll be leaving out the dad and son for a moment in this section of our tutorial on drawing the family. We will focus on the mother in the photo.

For the first time begin, draw her head outline , while adding line details to her hair and face. Then it is possible to draw the top she’s wearing.

6th Step:

Now is the time to finish the dad’s drawing with this step. To accomplish this, we’ll draw his trousers with the straight and bumpy lines.

Then, you can finish your legs by drawing the shoes on the bottom of his pants. That’s about it in this stage now, let’s get to finishing the details to complete the look in the following step!

7th Step:

It will be possible to colorize your drawing very soon In this article on drawing the family However, first we’ll need a few things to include.

The most important part of this process is to finish the mother of the drawing. For this, you’ll be stretching her dress as you draw her hands and holding an additional basket.

Then, draw her feet in the middle of the dress. That’s about draw However, be aware that you may also include your own personal specifics.

You can create a background, include additional family members, or modify the design to reflect your family. How do you finish this sketch before you move to the next step?

8th Step:

The last part of drawing your family is in which you can create your own and add incredible shades to the picture. In our reference image , we provided a method you could color the image.

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