How to Draw a Fallen Officer Skull

How to Draw a Fallen Officer Skull

Step 1:

Begin by drawing the guidelines and the shapes of the skull.

Step 2:

Let’s begin by drawing the face with the focus at the eye. The browbone should be drawn with its attractive appearance. After that, you can draw the clear simple, simple, well-rounded nasal contour. You can also add some definition beneath the nostrils.

Step 3:

Draw the outline of the skull. Then, draw the eye shapes that each one of them has. You can see how they sport an unflattering appearance and serve as cheeks for the face, too. Draw the teeth in and add the fangs. Each element of this drawing is a function and communicates the key aspects for each element of the skull of the fallen officer concept. If this is logical.

Step 4:

You can give the skull eyes. Make a long wide jaw/mouth and the teeth.

Step 5:

Then you should draw the line stripe that falls on one aspect of the face.

Step 6:

Eliminate the mistakes , and you’ve got yourself a great idea for a tattoo of a fallen officer. I hope that you like the result.

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