Hello, dear artists! Today, we’ve prepared for you a fresh drawing course for people who are a fan of old-fashioned fairy tales. In the fairy tales of old, we have often encountered fascinating and bizarre characters like goblins hobbits, goblins, orcs, and Gnomes. We will demonstrate ways to draw the fairy-tale orc.

Step 1
First draw an oval, which will create the principal shapes of the head. Draw faces lines. With lines, create your lines for”the “skeleton”. Take note that the head is slightly larger than the average.

Step 2
Drawing the eyes using ovals and drawing the eyelids that are semi-closed and pupils. By using two thin and short lines, draw the brows. Draw out the ears and nightcaps, similar to our illustration.

Step 3
As we move forward you only need to draw the outline of the dress. Remember to draw the shoes with elongated legs.

Step 4
With curved lines, sketch the mouth and nose. Draw your cheeks’ lines, and create wrinkles. The robe’s lines should be drawn, and make folds on the evening cap.

Step 5
Eliminate the guidelines. Darken and circle the lines, as shown in the illustration below. Incorporate the details of the shoes.

Step 6
With hatching, add shadows like the example. Be aware that the light source is from the side of the model, therefore we should add shadows to the backside. Also, don’t forget to add your casting shadow.

If you wish to, you can also add colors to make the drawing more attractive.

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