how to draw a face

In this simple guide that you can follow, will demonstrate what to draw faces. This guideline is essential when you wish to depict a human.


Step 1

We then draw the face using the base of the head which is the outline of our head. The head may be similar to the one taken from the artists on and may have a distinct form. It is important to make lines as smooth as possible.




Step 2

To show the exact details of the face it is necessary to draw the rules. The vertical line marks the center of the face. And the horizontal line represents the location of the eye. The two lines must connect precisely in the middle of the face.




Step 3

With two semi-ovals draw the upper eyelids with the horizontal line drawn from earlier stages. Draw the position of the mouth and nose just below the eye, as well as the place of the hairline just above.




Step 4

With a couple more semi-ovals to draw the lower eyelids and form eyes. the eyes. After that, using the help of circles, draw the pupils as the artists from on the picture below.




Step 5

Paint your eyes over the eyes. The design which you could take an image from the artists from or design your own unique shape.




Step 6

Let’s draw our nostrils. Start by drawing that bridge, and then the part of the nose that is the tip and nostrils. The nose could look like the illustration from the artists at or be a completely different form.




Step 7

Let’s draw the mouth. The first step is to draw the central line that is guided by a dash of the third stage. Next, draw the lower and upper lips.




Step 8

Now, let’s draw the jaw. The jaws of males tend to be slightly bigger, wider, and stronger, whereas female jaws are slightly smaller and cleaner.




Step 9

Draw The ears along both sides. The upper part of the ear is on the top of the eyebrows. The lower tip is located at the point of the nose.




Step 10

Now let’s sketch an outline made of hair that is which is accompanied by a dash, as was shown in the 3rd stage. Hairlines can also differ for different people.




Step 11

At this point, we’ll finish the hair model. Recreate the hairstyle using the examples of the artists at or design your personal hairstyle.




Step 12

Now, grab an eraser and remove all guidelines from the face. To make the face sketch more attractive and clear draw it using a darker pencil or ink.




Step 13

Take your favorite colors and draw the face. You can choose to use the color palette provided by the artists on or design an individual color pallet.




So, the fundamental and crucial guide to drawing an image of a face has come to an end. Send us an email if the tutorial has been helpful to you. The team at takes all your feedback and will respond to a lot of them.

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