How to Draw A Face Shape

In our lives, we’ll witness thousands and thousands of faces.

It could be from encountering a stranger in the street or meeting the face of someone you love You will be looking up facial details whether you know it or not!

It’s tempting to think that it will make it simple to master the art of drawing the face however, you could get a shock.

How to Draw A Face Shape Step-By-Step

1st Step:

For this tutorial for drawing an outline of a face you’ll need an easy pencil as well as a ruler, and a drawing compass in case you own one.

2nd Step:

It is possible to begin using your drawing pen to draw this face sketching. It is still advised to keep your pencil as a guide for the moment but!

3rd Step:

We’ll draw some ears in this part of our tutorial on drawing an outline of a face. The ears will start from the line of curvature that you traced for the top of your head.

4th Step:

Your drawing of your face’s shape is getting closer! In this stage, we will draw the jawline of the face.

5th Step:

The outline of the face completed and we’ll finish the details to this part of our tutorial on drawing an outline of a face.

6th Step:

We’re now at the last stage of drawing your face it’s where you can have some fun coloring!

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