How to draw a Face from the Side Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Mario and Luigi Step by Step

Step 1

Begin with an oval. Draw an oval, and then place an horizontal line beneath it. This line should be less than an oval. Draw an vertical line across the middle.

Step 2

Draw an outline of a ruler. On one side you draw a ruler that is exactly the same length as the one you are drawing. Then, divide the ruler into 8 equal spaces that start at the middle. Be sure that the spaces are as even as you can! Utilize a straight edge draw these lines across your artboard , but not too to hard. It is also possible to draw these lines without using a ruler to the side however I would recommend using it at minimum the first two or three instances you try drawing faces by extending your hand.

Step 3

Add an the ear Make an ear your left head, between line C and line 2. Click here to get detailed instructions on drawing the ear.

Step 4

Face contour Face contour: Draw a line along the front of your face (let’s call it the face line). End in line 2. Lean forward throughout your way. Attach the chin to the ears to create a jawline.

Step 5

Second Ruler The second rule is to draw a horizontal line at bottom of your drawing . This line extends from the middle of the head all the way to in front. Divide the line segment into six pieces. It is best to forget about this ruler now. We’ll return to it in the future.

Step 6

The brow bone must be defined by drawing an ‘c’-shaped shallow line in the area where you will find the Center Line and Face Line meet. Form the brow bone. trace the line to the forehead and join the lines into an oval.

Step 7

Draw the nose by drawing two small circles that are one on the side of lines 1, 2, and an additional one on the right side of the circle. Click here to find more detailed instructions on how you can draw your face from the side.

Step 8

Chin and lips: Use the straight line or ruler towards the marker marked “H” then draw lines across your face. Make the lower lip under line 2. After we’ve drawn a lip, we need to draw the mouth’s corners. Create a small check on Line of H. Draw the lower lip line over line 3. Underbite or overbite ?? You decide! Then follow up by adjusting your jaw and chin. Be aware that they do not need to follow the layer that was created in step 4.

Step 9

Eyes and eyebrows Draw a line using the marker marked “G” across the head. To draw eyes, draw an eye-shaped triangle that is drawn between the H and G lines along the Center Line. Click here for a thorough instruction on drawing eyes on the other side! If you’d like to use the method described in the video to draw eyes, make a vertical line which shoots upwards from the tick that is labeled F. Draw the eyeball. Draw a circle (eyeball) between the lines F with H. This is the Center Line. Draw the eyebrows beneath on the line of C.

Step 10

The Back of the Head, Neck and hair Draw the top and the back of your head into an oval form, following the oval and then sloping to the bottom to create an arc that runs from the rear of your neck. When drawing the front of your neck make sure not to go away to the left of your head’s center. Draw a normal hairline on the forehead in between the lines A and B or a hairline higher than the line of A. Make sure to add some finishing touches.. And you’re ready to go! Try this several times, and once you’re at ease, draw without two rulers that are on the sides and the bottom the drawing!

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