Easy Drawing


This guide will show you how to draw a simple face. This tutorial is very basic and can be used by any artist to help them paint portraits. You will need to follow the eleven steps we have provided for you in order to do this.

Step 1

This guide will show you how to draw a simple face. Regular readers will know that we prefer simple geometric shapes to represent complex drawings. In this step, you will draw an oval-shaped, long, and elongated shape. Place this shape in the middle of the paper if you are creating a portrait.



Step 2

Let’s now draw the lines that will form our oval shape. The vertical line signifies facial symmetry, while the horizontal line marks where the eyes are located. You can also use short strokes to outline the eye size, the location of the nose, mouth, and hairline.

Step 3

This was the most important step. You won’t have to do difficult tasks if you follow all of the steps. Draw the eye outline using smooth, rounded lines. These should look like two long lemons. The lower edge of your eye is composed of two parallel lines.

Step 4

You can choose any shape of eyebrows to suit your personality. We chose large, symmetrical, bushy eyebrows that were not too close to the eyes. It is important to convey emotion through your eyebrows.

Step 5

This step will outline the basic contours and features of the nose using light lines. Make sure to draw some pupils. The direction and emotional color will depend on the location and size of the pupils.


Step 6

We continue our guide on drawing a face. Let’s now take a closer look at the lower portion of the nasal. Follow the auxiliary strokes from the previous step to create a great-looking nose. The nose is composed of an obtuse angle, two vertically separated short oblique lines, and one long oblique line.


Step 7

This step will allow us to draw the lips. You can choose the size and shape of your character’s mouth by yourself. The lips shown here are quite large. These large lips can be drawn using three horizontal lines at the same distance.


Step 8

This guide is almost complete. This step will allow us to draw the outline of our character’s hairstyle. The more the hairstyle is removed from the head, it will look larger and more impressive.


Step 9

Is there something missing from our face drawing? To make our characters more complete and realistic, we need to draw the ears. The ears’ upper edges meet the eyebrows’ lower edges, while the ears’ lower edges meet the tip of your nose.


Step 10

This tutorial on drawing faces is over. We won’t be using the helper lines anymore so let’s just erase them. Use short, smooth lines to draw the hairs on the eyebrows and head. Avoid using a lot of lines if you don’t want to draw a detailed drawing. From the roots to the ends, draw the hairlines.


Step 11

Focus your attention on the details that you wish to highlight by pressing down harder on the pencil. Make sure you have checked that the lines and shapes in the previous steps are correct. This is a fantastic job.


This drawing guide is complete. This tutorial was created to make it easy for you to draw. We are glad you enjoyed our work. Please let us know in the comments. We welcome your feedback and comments. This greatly enhances the quality of our lessons and our work.


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