What is the best way to find out the art of drawing a Worm? As you might guess, it’s very easy and the worm is a basic creature, and it doesn’t have any specifics that could be hard to draw. However, there are some points to talk about. Let’s begin.

Step 1
We must first be able to draw the outlines for the body part of our worm. Actually, they are a pair of lines, which join at the tip. Arrange your worm’s body in any way, as illustrated in our example, or think of an alternative position. It’s easy.

Step 2
This is not a difficult task, but it’s an extremely difficult process that requires determination. It is evident, in this case, that we draw crosses (segments) across the body of the worm. Be aware that one of the strips must be wider than the other ones and is referred to as the “clitellum”.

Step 3
If you’ve drawn all the segments and details shown in the previous stage (and as you can imagine it’s not a lot of them on the body of the worm) It’s now an ideal time to sketch shadows. Draw them with long curving lines that follow the bends of your worm’s body.

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