Dear artists welcome to the lesson on how to draw a Witch. We don’t think we should tell witches who they are. They are beloved characters in many books, movies, and cartoons. Today we will show how to draw them.

Step 1
Today, we’ll draw a witch riding a broom. Next, draw the head. Simple lines can be used to draw arms and legs. This is something we always say and we recall it now.

Step 2 Draw the neck and torso. The neck expands at the pelvis, chest, and waist areas. Next, draw the arms using simple geometric figures. Next, draw the legs. Notably, the female legs are wider in the hip area than the male legs. They also narrow in the area around the knees. Move to step three by drawing the broom.

Step 3
Let’s add more details. Draw the famous point with a cap. Next, draw the hair below the hat. Next, sketch the details of clothing such as a skirt or cape. Now that you have the basic details, let’s move on to the final detail.

Step 4
Draw the hat accurately. Next, draw a long nose and eyes. Draw the hair using long, slightly curled lines.


Step 5
Let’s start with the upper body. Draw clothes carefully and fold them as in the example. Next, draw the arms using straight lines. Finally, remove all lines from your upper body.

Step 6
Now, draw the dress. Then make long folds and feet that extend from the bottom of the dresses. All other guidelines should be removed from the witch’s body.

Step 7
Continue drawing lessons on How to draw a witch. This step is easy. We just need to draw the long broom for our witch.

Step 8
It is almost done. How can we make the witch appear more realistic and voluminous? Shadows are a great way to make your witch more realistic and voluminous. Imagine that the light is coming from the front of our witch, and the shadows will fall on her back.

Are you sure this lesson is easy enough? Maybe you have difficulties drawing a witch. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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