In this drawing course, the 3DVKARTS team will teach the students the art of drawing the whale is among the world’s most well-known inhabitants of the deepest waters of the oceans.

Step 1
The head and the torso of the whale are one construction. Draw an oval of an irregular shape mouth, fins, and tail.

Step 2
Connect the pieces of the initial step to create the whale’s body. Intensify the tail and fins.

Step 3.
Draw a tiny eye and the outlines of the mouth. Draw a long, wavy line that runs throughout the human body.

Step 4
Remove all guides from the body, and draw the outline of the whale’s body clean shiny, and deep.

Step 5
Draw long and slightly curly lines along the lower part of the body of the whale. Also, draw the lines inside the mouth.

If you’ve done your homework and followed our tips You now have the ability to draw an ocean whale. To fully master drawing, go to these other classes and draw as many as you can. Drawing different whales on different sides and positions. The way we describe it is it is only through constant practice that you can transform yourself into a true artist.


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