Hello dear artists. We often draw humans, animals and other characters however, we don’t so frequently draw things. We decided today to fill the gap and taught an art lesson.

Step 1
The vase design must be proportional and even. In order to achieve this, we draw a unidirectional vertical line

Step 2
Draw three ovals, as illustrated in the example. The three ovals represent the neck, mouth, and bottom of the vase.

Step 3
Then, using two lines that curve, draw the body of your vase, joining the ovals of the previous step.

Step 4
Take an eraser and take away all unnecessary guidelines from the initial steps.

Step 5
Let’s now make our sketch more authentic and rich by using shadows. To include shadows, first all, imagine the location where light is coming from and then apply shadows to the areas in which light doesn’t appear to fall.

This was instruction. We believe that it’s essential for all artists to be able to draw fundamental things such as vases chairs and tables. In order to master how to draw it all take a look at the other lessons on our website We’re sure that you will find numerous interesting and helpful things.

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