The unicorn is certainly among the world’s most gorgeous mythical creatures. In this drawing guide, we’ll teach the user ways to draw the unicorn. It is a mythological creature that represents chastity in the broad sense, of spiritual purity. It is typically depicted in the shape of a horse, with one horn that emerges from the forehead.

Step 1
Therefore, despite its mythological origin, this particular character is actually a horse, and we will sketch the form of a horse. The first step is to sketch the head in a shape of a circle. Then sketch the pelvis and thorax are drawn in the form of circles. By drawing simple lines, draw the neck and legs. Remember that in the initial steps, we must draw very thin lines.

Step 2
Let’s give it some volume. Begin by sketching out an extended neck and muzzle with a thicker torso. On the head, sketch out the eyes, ears, and horns as well as the mane. Then join the circles that were drawn in the earlier step, and make the body. Then, add the volume of the legs, and then draw the hooves. Take note that the legs will become more tapered towards the hooves. After the step, draw the tail.

Step 3
In the previous two steps, we sketched out the general outline of our mythical horse with horns beginning with this stage we’ll begin to work on specifics. Start by drawing the head. We will be carefully sketching out the eye as well as the nose, ears, and mouth. It is important to remember that in the first stage, we will use both dark and clear lines.

Step 4
Continue drawing instructions regarding the drawing process of the unicorn. Get rid of all the auxiliary lines around the neck, and draw the gorgeous mane. The hair’s lines on the mane must run from the root towards the ends to make the hair appear natural.


Step 5
Let’s take a step back and draw the front legs and erase the guidelines. Notice that underneath the skin, there are clearly visible bones of the chest as well as joints in the legs. Take note of these points as you draw out the forelimbs.

Step 6
We repeat the same steps, but this time we do it with the hind limbs which are to eliminate any extra lines of the legs and take care to draw them out so that the lines are clear and attractive. Consider all twists and bends of the muscles and tendons in order to get the most natural look.

Step 7
There are only a few left. It is a simple procedure that involves drawing the long and elegant tails of our unicorns. To do this, it is necessary to draw lengthy and slightly twisted lines. As we know, the hair lines have to run from the root to the ends.

Step 8
As a result, in the final stage of our article, we will always include shadows. Here we’ll do the same. To accomplish this, we will employ the classic method of hatching. Simply place it in the least illuminated parts of the unicorn’s body. Also, make the mane and tail look more natural and realistic by adding more curving lines.

This is another drawing guide within the subject matter “animal” which, as in all guides was drawn by the artists from 3dvkarts.

The mythical unicorn animal is a part of many cultures across the globe. The various representations are well-known that the goat is found located in the East and later, in the West, it is a deer or horse. The elegant animal was always depicted with only one horn on his forehead, with the most common being a spiral.

We have today drawn the most classic version of this fantastic mythical creature that we read about in various movies and books.

We hope we were able to assist our readers to draw the unicorn, a beautiful magnificent creature that has been a part of various cultures from the time of antiquity.

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