Hi artists! Today’s lesson will teach you how to draw the most iconic dinosaur. This lizard, one of the most famous monsters of ancient history, can be seen in many games, films, and toys. Let’s now learn how you can draw a Tyrannosaurus.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the skeleton of our tyrannosaurus. First, draw a large head with a wide mouth. Next, draw the neck. This goes into the spine, and then into the longtail. The thorax and pelvis can be drawn using large circles. The step ends with the drawing of the long legs and the short arms.

Step 2
Let’s increase the size of our giant raptor. First, draw out a large neck. Connect the chest to the pelvis, and create the torso. The tail should taper to the tip. Next, subtract the volume from the small arms and legs. They taper towards the knees.

Step 3
Let’s get to the last few details. Draw the contours of the large head and wide mouth with sharp teeth. Draw a frowning, small eye, and a nostril.


Step 4
Next, draw the thick neck- and torso lines. Next, draw small arms with sharp claws.

Step 5
We continue our lesson on drawing a tyrannosaurus. Use smooth and clear lines to draw the long, narrowing tail as well as the legs. Draw out the knees and muscle lines on the legs.

Step 6
As a final step in this lesson, we will add shadows. As the light falls from the top, hatching will be done to the lower body of our predator. Our tyrannosaurus will look more real and three-dimensional thanks to the shadows.

The monster we created turned out to be very real. Are there any other monsters you would like to see on this site? You can also share your ideas here and on social media. We would also be grateful if your friends shared this information with us.

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