Hello dear artists. We have shown you how to draw the tyrannosaurus as well as the Pterodactylus in previous lessons. Today’s lesson will teach you how to draw triceratops, another famous dinosaur.

Step 1
First, draw the skeleton of our ancient animal. Draw the head. Next, draw the long spine that runs into the tail. Two ovals are used to draw the thorax as well as the pelvis. Next, outline the limbs.

Step 2
Draw two long horns for the head and one shorter horn for the nose. The large frill should be drawn. Next, draw the neck and torso. This will lead to the tail which becomes thinner at the tip. The limbs can be drawn using simple geometric figures at the end.

Step 3
Let’s get to the details. Draw the outline of the head, sharp ears, and small eyes. A mouth should have a pointed upper lip, a large frill, and points at the edges. Make sure to remove all unnecessary lines from the head.


Step 4
Continue reading the tutorial about how to draw triceratops. Draw the neck, torso, and front paws. Use your nails to make small fingers. You will notice that the triceratops looks like a rhinoceros.

Step 5
Keep drawing along the lines of your torso. Next, draw the long thick tail. It is shorter at the tip. Draw the rear legs, which are slightly longer than the front, at the same time.

Step 6
Only one thing remains: add shadows to make the lesson more real. To make shadows easier to draw, first sketch the outline of the shadows. Then shade them.

Today, we have shown you how to draw Triceratops. We value your opinion and encourage you to write about this lesson under this article.

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