Welcome, dear artists. to our drawing lesson about drawing a tiger’s head. In our earlier drawing lessons, we taught the students ways to draw the head of a cat and in our present lesson, we followed the same techniques.

Step 1
Draw with a pencil out the circle to serve as to guide the head of a tiger. Draw the vertical line of frontal symmetry as well as the horizontal line that will be the eyes.

Step 2
In the upper portion of the circle sketch an ear of the tiger. Then, in the lower portion draw the muzzle using the aid of the circle. Then, sketch out the outline of the neck.

Step 3
Let’s add some basic specifics. Draw lines inside the ears. Utilizing the horizontal line drawn in the previous step, outline the eyes. From those eyes, draw lines, and make a nose and mouth.

Step 4
Continue to learn to draw the head of a tiger. Let’s make this drawing more precise. Draw the cheekbones and cheeks of our Tiger.


Step 5
We erase any unnecessary lines of auxiliary lines and make those lines more clear. The drawing of the head of a tiger is almost done, it is just adding shadows and strips.

Step 6
Let’s begin working on the stripes from our tiger. Begin with the stripes of the muzzle. Then draw the stripes around your face. large cat.

Step 7
The final step is where we draw shadows by hatching them and drawing long slightly curly whiskers.

We think that this was an extremely amazing drawing lesson. Also, the drawing of the head of a tiger was very impressive. Did you enjoy your drawing class? If so, tell us about it in the comments section below this article. Also, write down what other articles you’d like to find on our website.

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