This drawing lesson was one you would like to learn about from the very beginning of the construction of our website. As you can see, the lesson on drawing a Swan is now complete.

Step 1
Draw two ovals, the head, and the torso. Then, using a long curving line, sketch out the beak that passes through the neck, connecting the torso with the head, and finally, it goes through the tail.

Step 2
Draw the sharp neck and beak that gradually thickens closer to the body. On the torso, sketch out the tail and wings. In the lower area, draw an outline that is the leg.

Step 3
Draw the eye as well as the remaining beak. Then, draw the outline of the feathers that will be on the tail and wings of our Swan. Make sure to draw circles on the water beneath the swan.

Step 4
Then let’s get towards the final detail in the sketch. With clear and dark lines, carefully draw the outlines of the beak, and head along with a beautiful neck.

Step 5
Go towards the wings and with clear, light lines, draw the feathers. It is important to note how on one side, the feathers are bigger than on the other side.

Step 6
In this phase, we are done drawing the details of the body of the swan. Make sure you draw feathers on the body and tail. Then, draw the leg, erase the guidelines, and carefully sketch circles on the water.

Step 7
Let’s increase the size of our swan. The eyes should be darkened, as well as the area around them as well as the leg. Then, using hatching to add shadows in the manner shown in the illustration (that refers to the areas in which light doesn’t drop).

The lesson was rather complicated however, we now have learned how to draw the Swan. Are you looking to learn how to draw different animals? If yes, make sure to check out our category “Animals” on our website. If you don’t find the information you wanted Please let us know about it in the comments of this article.

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