Hello! Today’s drawing lesson have decided to show the drawing process of strawberries! This isn’t the first lesson on drawing plants on our site. We already have drawn strawberries.

Also, we took an instructional session on drawing mushrooms however, it’s a completely different species. Drawing plants, we’re looking to draw them as real and as beautiful as we can. Let’s get started and discover what it takes to draw the strawberry!

Step 1
Then outline your berries’ contours and the lines that eventually transform into the main central veins in the leaves. The composition is influenced by the central berry, it is the biggest and the closest to us. This fruit is situated at the center of the composition. It is important to note that some fruits may be overlapping with another one.

Step 2
Let’s begin to work with the leaves. With the lines you traced in previous steps, sketch the contours of the leaves. Below the leaves, you can add new berries, a portion of which is obscured by the leaves. By drawing short lines, you can trace the veins of the leaves.

Draw out the stems and sepals before moving into the next phase.

Step 3
Keep adding stems that grow from the berries and grow downwards. Additionally, you can add additional leaves with different sizes to add more realisticity to your sketch. Remember that the leaves are situated at various distances, which means that of them, some appear bigger than others.

Step 4
Create jagged contours on leaves. Add veins to the other leaves. We now move on to the berries. Draw small seeds inside the berries, then create shadows. Shadows can be placed over the berries, as well as over the tops of stems. To simplify the process, start by drawing contours shadows and then apply them with hatching. Additionally, you can add flowers or berries.

Step 5
Keep in mind that, aside from the shadows, there are light and halftones. Also, by using light hatching, add halftones, as we did show in the example. Make sure to leave one small area unpainted – it’s the area that is light.

Step 6
The lesson is concluded by applying shadows and mid-tones to the remaining leaves and berries. This should be done in the same manner as the previous step.

It was a drawing class where we taught you to draw a strawberry. The lessons, as usual, were drawn and crafted in advance from, visit us frequently – in the future, you’ll find plenty of fascinating!

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