Hello, dear friends! Today, we’ve prepared an instructional drawing lesson on a medical theme. The last time we did drawing tutorials, we showed what to draw for a medical professional. We all know that it’s hard for a person to picture a medical professional not having a medical stethoscope. Therefore, let’s begin the course and learn the art of drawing a one-of-a-kind stethoscope.

Step 1
By drawing a curving line, you can trace the ear tube. By using circles, draw the earpieces.

Step 2
By drawing a long, curved line, you can trace the tube. You are able to select any location of the tube.

Step 3
By drawing a circle, you can make a circle to draw your chest piece (The cold piece the doctor places on the chest).

Step 4
In the same way as our example.

Step 5
You can add shadows to create a 3D effect.

We hope that this drawing lesson has helped you learn what it takes to draw the medical stethoscope step by stage. Check out our other drawing lessons for more information about drawing, and being an excellent artist. Goodbye!

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