The category “Animals” is one of the largest areas of websites on This lesson on drawing snails is going to make this area of our website even more extensive. As with all of our drawing lessons, this one is split into a handful of easy steps to help ease how to draw.

Step 1
Sketch out what the shell of the snail looks like. It is shaped like a drop as well as a big shell that is an oval that is unevenly shaped.

Step 2
Make a curly line on the body The edge of the opening as well as the long eyes. and the lower edge that is twisted of the body.

Step 3
Grab the eraser and take out all unnecessary guidelines. Draw out the specifics of the snail using precise pencil movements.

Step 4
The final step is to create the light lines on the shell. Then we make a few shadows which make our snail appear more lifelike and realistic appearance.

In the drawing class on drawing the snail don’t rush. Take your time drawing out every one of the small and big aspects following the suggestions of our artist. The snail is quite simple (not so simple as a worm, of course) Drawing it isn’t that difficult. In any case, we’ll give some useful suggestions. The lines drawn on the shell must be roughly in one direction, to ensure that the shell doesn’t appear to be curving. The contour of the shell needs to be drawn in the smoothest way (for this, you need to be able to draw precise circles).

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