What could be more adorable than cats? Maybe not much, but we think that rabbits have the ability to rival cats in cuteness. Therefore, let’s begin with the basics of drawing the rabbit.

Step 1
With the aid of a circle, draw the head. Also, with two circles, draw out the body of the rabbit.

Step 2
With the aid of a circle, sketch out the muzzle in the lower end of the skull. With the help of ovals, sketch out paws and ears.

Step 3.
Draw the eyes along with the nose, mouth, and eyes. Then draw lines into the ears. Draw the fingers as well as the small tail.

Step 4
Eliminate all the rules at the head. Then, as in our case, using fine and smooth lines, draw out the specifics in the face of the rabbit.

Step 5
We now need to outline the rabbit’s body using black and smooth lines, then eliminate all guidelines from the body.

Step 6
The eyes are painted black and leave the eyes glare. After that, you can add shadows with dense hatching, as you can see in the sketch below.

This was a bit of a challenge and involved a lot of time, but it also taught me the art of drawing the rabbit. According to tradition, there are a few useful tricks. To sketch more “fur” outlines that outline the human body draw thin lines. Another tip is that the first step of this lesson must be completed using light lines so that in the future, it will be much simpler to erase the lines.

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