Everyone loves beautiful music, and nobody is aware of the untruth of the fact that pianos are among the most beautiful instruments. It is precisely this instrument is that we will draw this morning, so let’s get started with the course on drawing the piano.

Step 1
Even though this instrument has been around for quite a while and has been around for a long time, its exterior appearance has not changed significantly. Therefore, using light lines draw the contours of the top (and the most fundamental) portion of the instrument. Be aware that on one side, the contours must be straight, while on the other side they should be rounded.

Step 2
Then, high on the keyboard, we draw a cover as illustrated in our illustration. However, unlike our example, there is a possibility of drawing a covered cover. At the bottom of the piano, draw the pedals and legs.

Step 3
With straight lines and clear lines, draw an outline of the backside of your instrument like in our illustration. It is possible to make use of a ruler, but it would be best when you are able to work without the need for it.

Step 4
Then we go a little higher, and with the aid of the same dark and clear lines, we can draw your body, the covers, and the music rack.

Step 5
Then, we go towards the lowest part of the piano and draw the pedals and legs. Eliminate all guidelines that are not needed from the drawing, making the piano neat and tidy.

Step 6
This is probably the most difficult aspect of the tutorial on drawing the piano. We will need to draw the keys. Make sure you consider the correct position that the keys are in.

Step 7
Then, using the aid of straight, light-colored strokes, sketch out the glare that is visible on the piano’s surface. The keys should be painted black, and create shadows as we did in the illustration.

There were a few straight lines in this drawing. If you can draw the entire drawing without the ruler, then you’re an amazing artist. If you regularly browse our website, maybe you are aware there are pages on every social network. And it’s quite likely that you already have a subscription to us. If not, sign up in order not to skip a single drawing lesson.

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