Dear users of 3dvkarts. In this drawing lesson, you will be taught the art of drawing a Phoenix. As you are aware, it is an ancient mythological bird with the power to consume itself before being revived. The mythology of various religions.

Step 1
Even though the phoenix is an extremely unusual bird, We will draw it with the method of drawing the common bird. First, sketch a head in the shape of a circle, and a torso of beans. Next, using simple lines, sketch out the legs and wings.

Step 2
Then we can include some general information. Draw the outline of the eyes and beak at the top of the head. Then make the legs and neck thicker. Draw the feathers of the wings and the tail.

Step 3
By removing all unnecessary lines of the head, we sketch in the hook beak the contours of the head and the frown eyes. The face of the phoenix looks quite similar to the head of an eagle that is bald.

Step 4
This is the moment to draw something that an ordinary bird does not have flames rising over one’s head. This is our Phoenix. The flame must be drawn using lines that are twisted and with different lengths.


Step 5
Draw the feathers. The first step is to draw the bottom row of feathers. This must be longer than the remaining rows. Then, draw the neck.

Step 6
Continue to learn to draw a Phoenix. Eliminate all of the useless instructions from the torso, then draw the fingers and legs with sharp claws.

Step 7
With slightly curved and straight lines, make long tail feathers.

Step 8
In order to make the phoenix appear more realistic, we must include shadows. Make use of classic hatching techniques to make shadows appear like in our illustration.

By following this drawing tutorial, you’ll be able to draw not only the phoenix but all other birds. Additionally, you can add flames on the wings or tail. Go to the “Birds drawing” category to find out how to draw the character of an Ogre, troll, dwarf, and several other characters from the fantasy world.

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