Hello, dear artists. It’s never a dull moment and every year new techniques of drawing emerge. Today, people can draw using the stylus, fingers, and even using hands suspended in the air using virtual reality tools. Today, we’re going to demonstrate how to draw using a tool that is never going out of fashion. Therefore, let’s begin with a tutorial on drawing using a pencil.

Step 1
In order to draw pencils that are that is smooth and beautiful, initially, you need to draw an extended rectangle with straight and clean lines. These are the primary lines for the pencil’s body.

Step 2
Draw the pencil’s wood in the shape of an arc. On the reverse, draw the eraser and ferrule. Our pencil sketch now looks much closer to what we would like to accomplish at the end of the course.

Step 3
In the middle of the pencil, draw two lines. These lines assist in holding the pencil more securely in the hand since an elongated pencil in the hands is not as effective as a hexagonal pencil. On the ferrule, draw shorter lines of the longitudinal length.

Step 4
Then at the tip of the pencil, draw the black lead. Light hatching creates shadows. If we imagine that the light is falling from above and the shadow will be located at the lower part of the pencil.

Perhaps the tutorial on drawing with a pencil is among the most valuable lessons features on our website. In spite of the advent of tablets and computers drawing with pencils, it is still the most used drawing tool and we would like to ensure that this won’t change.
In addition, it is symbolic for us, as the pencil is not just the instrument we use to draw all of our lessons, it also forms the primary element of the logo for our website. If you’re looking to be a master of paper and pencil make sure you share this drawing class with your buddies and follow the site via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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