Pegasus is among the most popular mythological characters. The character was first seen in the ancient times of Greece the mythology of the character has been portrayed across the globe. Pegasus characters can be seen in many different movies, books, and games. Let’s begin the course and learn the art of drawing the pegasus.

Step 1
Even though this horse is mythical generally, it’s depicted as a normal horse. We’ll start with the skeleton of our horse. Begin by sketching out the head as a shape of an arc. Then, sketch the neck and muzzle line. Then draw the outline of the pelvis and the chest. After that step, sketch the legs.

Step 2
We now need to give some volume to the pegasus’s body. Begin by drawing eyes and ears to the forehead. The neck should be drawn so that it extends down to the thorax. Then, join the pelvis and thorax creating the body. Draw the legs out and try to follow the curves like in our illustration. After the step, draw the tail and wings.

Step 3
Let’s begin to work on the final details. Utilizing dark and clear lines sketch out the outline of your head. After that, sketch the nose, eyes, and mouth. Make sure to erase any guidelines on your pegasus’s head. Don’t overlook making a few wrinkles on the pegasus’ head, to help make it appear more real.

Step 4
Continue with the lesson on drawing the pegasus. In this stage, we complete sketching the head. Draw the ears and then using waves draw the hair. The mane we sketched was quite short. mane, however for a more epic, you could draw a longer or more hot mane.

Step 5
Let’s draw the wings. Draw many rows of feathers. Take note that feathers closer to the edges of the wing are more than those further away. The same process is followed with the dark and clear lines, trace the front legs and eliminate all lines that are unnecessary from the wings and legs.

Step 6
The next step is to draw the same thing, but by drawing the rear of the horse’s body By using dark and clear lines, we’ll have to draw the hind legs as well as the tail. For the purpose of making our tail look more realistic, draw longer lines that are slightly curled. Make sure to erase any unnecessary guidelines from your pegasus design to ensure that the final drawing looks neat and clean.

Step 7
To give our Pegasus appearance more realistic We need to add shadows. We sketched shadows like the shadows in comics. This means that it’s dark and contrasted regions of shadows. However, you can create lighter shadows, like in the lesson on the dire Wolf.

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