We’ve drawn numerous diverse animals, especially birds. You have frequently wanted us to show the viewers what to draw the parrot so today we decided to answer your request.

Step 1
A simple and straightforward beginning is a simple oval for the head, and an oval shape for the torso drawn using very thin lines.

Step 2
Continue to use gentle lines, and sketch out the long tail, paws, and stick where the parrot is sitting.

Step 3
Create a line along which eyes will be. Draw the wings and fin of the parrot.

Step 4
Connect the various details of the drawing with seamless lines. Include an eye and a beak.

Step 5
Remove all unneeded guidelines and then carefully sketch out your drawing, making the lines elegant and clear.

Step 6
Add the stripes by using extremely short strokes. Make some shadows, and then with long curved lines, make a wood-like look on your branch.

Send us a note, describing your experiences with the lesson on drawing the parrot. In the comments section, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for our website in general and this particular lesson.

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