Hello! This drawing lesson will once again be dedicated to the Ninja. The warrior is different than other warriors because his posture is more active and we should make sure that we don’t let this energy go away when drawing the Ninja. Let’s begin the instruction on drawing the Ninja.

Step 1
Draw the first stickman from our Ninja. Stickman is a human being composed of circles and sticks that need to define the body of the person, their dimensions, and their position on the page. Similar to other drawing classes that we take, we draw the oval to guide the head. Using simple lines, we sketch the figure.

Step 2
Draw the head of our ninja with the two lines perpendicular to each other (a right angle) which is the vertical line, which indicates the facial symmetry, and the horizontal line which is the eye. Then draw the arms with long cylindrical shapes. Sketch the contour of your torso which taper downwards.

Step 3
Repeat the same procedure using the lower half of our Ninja. At this point, it’s best to visualize the various areas of your body in the form of geometric designs. The area of the groin is like a triangle. the femoral leg part is shaped like a cylinder however, they taper toward the knees. The shins exhibit a distinctive bent, created by the calf muscles. This article outlines the outline that the feet have.

Step 4
Once the outline of the ninja’s silhouette is complete, it is time to add details. The usual way to add details is from the top down, i.e. from the head down to the feet. This drawing exercise will be no exception. Draw the hood as well as the mask that covers the lower portion of your face. In the same way, draw the eye outline by focusing on the facial features from the previous step. Additionally, masks are to be drawn with these lines.

Step 5
Draw the hands holding the sword. Draw the hands that hold the sword. It is important to note that we draw swords that are samurai and that are medium-length (wakizashi). Actually, it’s not that difficult to draw an unheated weapon, however, drawing the hands is very difficult to draw.

Step 6
Draw the legs in curly lines, like in our example, which marks the folds in the fabric. Eliminate the extra guidelines of the previous steps and draw the contours of the outside of the pant. Note that more closely to the legs the pants become more slender. The belt is drawn here and the lower portion of the upper garment rests beneath the belt.

Step 7
Draw the facial features and mask that we can see, as well as the folds of the fabric on the hood. Remove the guidelines and draw those lines on the hood. Draw the contour of the nose beneath the mask. (Such contour is shown in the instructional video on drawing the head of Spider-Man). Draw the eyes (note the location of the pupils, they indicate the direction of the eye) and the eyebrows. Then draw the folds of the hood.

Step 8
Let’s make some more details of the clothes worn by the Ninja. Two strips of flat material that make up the”y “y” represent collars. With smooth strokes, you can create folds. They are particularly tight when they are placed on the right side of the ninja, just above the bracer, and within the armpit region. This is where you draw the pattern on the hilts on the swords.

Step 9
We’re drawing our final course in drawing a Ninja by folding the pants and drawing bandages on the shins. Don’t forget to draw all the rest of the clothing.

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