In our previous drawing tutorial, the team from 3dvkarts showed you how to draw a mustache in this lesson. following this topic we have created an article about drawing the mustache.

Step 1
First, we sketch the outline of our mustache. In the article entitled How to Draw Mustache beginners, we explained this procedure in a simpler form.

Step 2
Then, with the help of every line, we make lines that make the shape of the beard look more “hairy”.

Step 3
Then, using very small lines, you can create hair-like lines on the face of the drawing.

Step 4
We keep adding shorter lines around the mouth, making the texture more real. On the top and bottom of the mustache, we can add shadows to give the drawing some size.

It was a drawing tutorial on drawing an edgy mustache. We showed you how you can draw the commonly drawn design of the mustache however, with our drawing tutorial, you can draw any kind of mustache, including maybe the mustache drawn by Tony Stark, Charlie Chaplin, or Salvador Dali.


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