On planet Earth, there are a vast diversity of cultures and each is a source of myths and myths. They tell stories of courageous heroes, gorgeous ladies, and terrifying monsters. And it’s about this monster that today’s lesson.

We decided to draw an image that was a group of monsters. In this lesson, we’ll explain the fundamental principles behind drawing monsters. Let’s begin the lesson on drawing the monster.

Step 1
If we are drawing an animal that resembles the human form (not any kind of Cthulhu) then we must begin with the Skeleton. Utilizing very light, nearly transparent lines, we have to draw the outline of the “stickman” – a man comprised of lines and circles. As you can see, the whole thing is simple. The pelvis, thorax, and head appear in the shape of ovals. The spine, legs, and arms are drawn in simple lines.

Step 2
To help us to draw the specifics on the face we have to draw two lines that intersect at the center of the face. Then, sketch out the outline of the torso and limbs using simple geometric designs. Draw the outline of the feet and hands before moving on to the next part of the lesson on drawing the monster.

Step 3
It’s now time to work on the finer details. Beginning with this step, we’ll use dark and transparent lines. By orienting the horizontal lines of earlier, sketch the evil eyes. Just a bit lower, you can draw the face, and an open mouth, filled with teeth. We can add wrinkles to the face, and then move on.

Step 4
Then we continue drawing the heads of monsters in detail. Begin by drawing out sharp ears and outlines of the face. With clear lines, draw hair and beard as illustrated in our illustration. Take out all lines that are unnecessary from the face and proceed on to step.

Step 5
An easy step using the aid of lines that are smooth is necessary to sketch out the outline of the body. It is possible to add some aspects to the creature’s body. For instance, you could create armor or wings to make your creature more fascinating.

Step 6
Now let’s get started with those arms that our beast has. With a few strokes, draw the outline of the arms that are hairy of the terrifying monster. Arms have to be powerful and strong. Then, you can draw big hands that have strong claws.

Step 7
In this stage, we’ll work on the lower half of the body. Draw the outline of the feet and dress them in worn-out pants. Then draw feet that are large (you can draw sharp claws with long, sharp edges on them, similar to your hands) and then remove any resting lines.

Step 8
The drawing of the monster is nearly completed, but it appears rather flat. To make the drawing appear alive and vibrant We will also include shadows. In this example we have created shadows in black and contrast like in comics, however, shadows can be drawn in a different way.

In this tutorial, we sketched a collective image of an animal. By applying the concepts and techniques taught in this tutorial it is possible to draw any other type of monsters like a wolf and Minotaurs.

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