In one of our previous tutorials, we demonstrated ways to draw an animal like a whale. In this tutorial, we will continue this topic and show the viewers the steps to drawing an elusive killer whale.

Step 1
Create a large oval to serve as a reference for the huge human body that is our killer whale. Then, draw the tail, head, and fin line.

Step 2
Then, thicken the tail and fins. Notice that the pectoral fins are a little rounded.

Step 3.
Remove all auxiliary guidelines Draw out the drawing of the whale by drawing clean and straight lines.

Step 4
Then draw a circular eye and pattern on the whale’s body.

Step 5
Paint the desired areas of the pattern onto your body. The killer whale’s head is the best place to start. Don’t forget to add shadows in order to create the illusion of the killer whale appearing more real.

In this lesson, we showed you the fundamental principles of drawing the killer whale. It is important not to overlook that in our lessons, we provide the fundamental principles of drawing. Utilizing the techniques we have provided in our article, try drawing the animal in a variety of positions and at different angles. At the close of the lesson the most crucial advice to artists, particularly those who are new to art. The most important aspect of drawing is practicing. The more time you spend practicing drawing, the better your drawing abilities get.

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