Hello everybody. In the very first drawing lessons, we taught our students the art of drawing a male. However, in addition to drawing the male figure, it is also necessary to draw clothes, too. We have already drawn the cap as well as the shirt, pants, and boots. We’re going to carry on the theme, so we made a video tutorial on drawing a JACKET.

Step 1
The first step is easy. In this case, we need to outline a rectangle using gentle lines.

Step 2
It’s also a straightforward procedure in which we have to sketch out your collar as well as sleeves.

Step 3
Draw the lines of fasteners. Draw a zipper line. In the lower portion of the jacket, draw out the cuffs on the sleeves as well as the waist.

Step 4
Utilizing clear lines, trace the upper torso of the jacket using clear lines. Draw lines on the neck’s cuffs and the tail. Include pockets as well as folds.

Step 5
The next step is to draw the sleeves. In addition, using straight lines, trace the lines of the sleeves. draw lines and folds on the cuffs.

Step 6
Let’s improve our jacket drawing to be more realistic and clear. Use a pencil that is more at ease and add shadows to the areas where light is not falling.

It was a class on drawing an outfit. Do you like the clothes we offer on our site? Tell us your thoughts in the comments of this article, since your feedback is important to us.

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