In the world of hyenas, there is an abundance of myths and speculations. They are thought to be cruel and clever creatures. It is not possible for us today that we will tell you all about hyenas. But we will teach the reader what to draw a Hyena.

Step 1
The drawing process begins by drawing the head of a hyena in the shape of a circle. Then, by drawing two circles, sketch out the pelvis and chest. Utilizing a straight line trace the neck as well as the spine and tail. With light straight lines, draw the legs.

Step 2
On the head, sketch your sharp ears as well as the muzzle of the Hyena. Draw the neck out with the tax becoming thicker. Draw out your forelimbs before you move on to the next step.

Step 3
Connect the pelvis and chest to create the core. Sketch out the hind legs and the tail of a hyena.

Step 4
Draw the nose and eyes. Utilizing dark and clear lines draw the outline of the head. Then draw an eyebrow using quick strokes.

Step 5
In the same way as the previous step, using clean and dark lines, trace the outline of the body and legs, taking out all guidelines that are unnecessary.

Step 6
Then we paint the eyes as well as the nose. We then draw the body spots of the Hyena. By hatching, paint shadows onto the drawing.

It appears to us that you have the ability to learn by drawing a horse. But if not, please let us know the reason for the difficulties in this drawing procedure.

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